About the Product

    • All standard mouse functions supported

    • Virtually invisible when worn

    • Custom fit to users’ mouth

    • Does not/minimally affects speech

    • Links to almost any computer or mobile device

The Smart Mouthware Computer Mouse can be thought of as an orthodontic retainer with a built-in wireless mouse. It can connect to multiple devices like phones, tablets, computers, and AR headsets, and allows a user to control the cursor, scroll, swipe, and click (left, right, and click-drag) with their tongue. All standard mouse features are supported. Customers are provided an easy-to-use at-home impression kit. The impression is then used to form each device to the users mouth at an ISO13485 approved orthodontic laboratory. Because of this level of customization, Smart Mouthware takes up very little space on the roof of the mouth, and speech is minimally, or completely unaffected. This allows a user to seamlessly jump between using other voice assistant devices and using the SmartMouthware Computer Mouse. Look for updates about when this product will be available!

Development Status

    • Functional Prototypes

    • Preliminary Testing

    • Alpha & Beta Testing

    • Regulatory Testing and Certification

User testing is underway and the product is getting better every week! Check out our YouTube for the latest updates!