Our Story

Sapien LLC was formed in the spring of 2014 by founders Joel Moritz Jr, and Dr. John Williams. Spawned from multidisciplinary university research into sensory substitution technology, Sapien LLC aims to enhance the human experience by providing innovative solutions to human problems.

We have a team of mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineers, and we collaborate with local developers for our web related projects. 

Our team has published manuscripts in neuroscience and assistive technology journals. We have over 25 years combined experience in industry. 

Sapien was formed as a university startup and sponsors active research programs at CSU. Sapien collaborates with CSU scientists and engineers on our research and development efforts. 

Our Team

Joel Moritz, Jr.

Founder and president

John Williams


Matt Schultz

Lead Electrical Engineer

Ian Huber

Mechanical Engineer

Tom Morrison

Biomedical/Electrical Engineer

Emily Bergum

Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering Intern

Leslie Stone-Roy

CSU Collaborator

Marco Martinez

Collaborator, Contract Engineer and Mobile Developer